Multi-Dimensionality of Mythology, with Dr. Madhavi Narsalay & Dr. Sindu Dange – 1 – JCF Mythological RoundTable® Mumbai

Above is a recording of the Mythological RoundTable Mumbai group’s first meeting, which featred Dr. Madhavi Narsalay and Dr. Sindu Dange.

Dr. Madhavi Narsalay, teaches comparative mythology and Sanskrit courses at the University Mumbai. In addition to teaching courses on myth, participating in research projects and publishing, Dr. Narsalay recently consulted on the 250-episode production of the Indian epic, “Mahabharat.” Members of the JCF initially spoke with Dr. Narsalay last spring when she organized India’s first annual festival on comparative mythology—Aakhyaan. An interview with Madhavi Mam on comparative and Indian mythology can be found on

Dr. Sindhu Sadashiv Dange is the former head of the Department of Sanskrit at the University of Mumbai (1984-1997). In addition to her numerous articles she has authored, co-authored and edited 15 books. Dr. Dange specializes inVedic myths and rituals and Puranic-Hindu customs and beliefs and is well known in India for her contribution to the field of Sanskrit. In 2004 she was awarded the prestigious Shri Guru Gangeshwaranand Veda-Vedanga Rashtriya Puraskar for her work with the Vedas.

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